Printable August 2017 Calendar (With US Holidays)

August is the last month of the summer season for the northern hemisphere. It is the eighth month of the year in both Gregorian and Julian calendar. Romans called this year as Sextilis. It is the best time to plan your last summer vacations before the upcoming autumn season. While making your plans you may consider Los Angeles or Miami if you would like to enjoy sun, sand and surfing one last time during the summer period. Americans celebrate lots of national holidays during the month of August. Some of them are Friendship Day, Assumption of Mary, National Aviation Day and Women’s Equality Day.

Among them, maybe the most important ones are Assumption Day of Marry and Women’s Equality Day. Assumption of marry is considered as a day that Marry (mother of Jesus Christ) reunited with her soul after her death. On that day most of the catholic churches in USA, organize special feasts. Additionally, on Women’s Equality Day most Americans celebrate the women’s right to vote. Americans are celebrating this day since 1920 with the established law in US congress.


Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Aug 1 Tuesday Tisha B’Av Jewish holiday
Aug 1 Tuesday Colorado Day Local observance Colorado
Aug 4 Friday Coast Guard Birthday Observance
Aug 7 Monday Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holiday
Aug 7 Monday Purple Heart Day Observance
Aug 14 Monday Janmashtami Hindu Holiday
Aug 14 Monday Victory Day State holiday Rhode Island
Aug 15 Tuesday Assumption of Mary Christian
Aug 16 Wednesday Bennington Battle Day State holiday Vermont
Aug 18 Friday Statehood Day in Hawaii State holiday Hawaii
Aug 19 Saturday National Aviation Day Observance
Aug 21 Monday Senior Citizens Day Observance
Aug 24 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday
Aug 26 Saturday Women’s Equality Day Observance
Aug 27 Sunday Lyndon Baines Johnson Day State holiday Texas
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